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Enginia Latching Unit - 1"
Part Number:
  • HVC-170-B01

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- Enginia Latching Unit
- 1"
- Part of the Enginia MFG170 Latching System

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- Latching Unit 1"
- Part of The Enginia MFG170 Latching System
Product Information


- Shaft: Shaft: Zinc die-cast, zinc plated
- Housing: Zinc die-cast, zinc plated
- Collar: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide (PA6). Nut and washer: Steel, zinc plated.
- Gasket: PU

The MFG170 latching system has been designed for insulated double skinned doors for HVAC applications. Fast and easy to install, the MFG170 can be provided with or without key locking and a complete range of different parts, such as security inside handle, safety catches for positive pressure doors, and multi‐points rod linkage. The adjustable roller cams insure smooth closing and proper compression of the gasket, and can be used for inswing or outswing operation.
Weight (lbs) 0.9990
Brand Enginia
Product Type Latching Unit


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