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Patented locking assembly similar to 206-XU, but provided with automatic unlocking feature. When engaged in striker, latch assembly remains unlocked. Pillar locking from outside at all times. Right hand, no striker
Part Number:
  • EMC 206-50 RH

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Slam latches have been used for decades to secure most types of compartments and enclosures. They provide a very positive latching action, which is especially important to keep people secured safely inside a vehicle. They’re also the simplest to operate as most can be engaged and disengaged with just one hand. Our slam latches range from small, plastic grabbers for cabinets and other light-duty applications cabinets, to heavy-duty industrial and vehicular safety slams used for occupant restraint. View all slam latches here.

Weight (lbs) 2.5250
Brand Eberhard
Color Natural
Finish Natural
Material Zamac
Product Type Latch Only
Actuation 5/16 Square shank


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