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Sika® Aktivator - 100, 250 ML
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- Sika® Aktivator-100 (formerly Sika® Aktivator)
- 250 ML Bottle
- Formulated for treatment of bond surfaces prior to the aplication ov Sikaflex® and SikaTack® polyurethane adhesives.
- Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 / 14001


Sika® Aktivator-100 is a moisturesensitive, activating agent designed to improve adhesion. It is specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces prior to the application of various Sikaflex® and SikaTack® polyurethane adhesives. Sika® Aktivator-100 is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 / 14001 quality assurance system and the responsible care program.

Areas of Application

Sika® Aktivator-100 improves adhesion on substrates such as glass, ceramic coated glass, the cut face of old polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane pre-applied windows, and paints. This product is suitable for experienced professional users only. Tests with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.

Method of Application

Wipe bond faces with a clean, lintfree paper towel moistened with Sika® Aktivator-100. Apply Sika® Aktivator-100 sparingly, and apply once only. Immediately wipe-off any excess with a clean, dry, lint-free paper towel. Consumption depends on the specific nature of the substrates and manufacturing process. Tightly re-seal container immediately after each use.

PDS Sheet

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Weight (lbs) 0.4750
Brand Sika®
Color Transparent
Product Line Sika® Aktivator
Application Temperature 5 to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
Chemical Base Solvent-based adhesion promoter
Density 0.71 kg / liter (5.9 lb. / gal.)
Flash Point -4°C (25°F)
Shelf Life 12 months
Storage Store in sealed container in a cool dry place at ≤ 25°C (77°F)


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