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Lighted Folding Step

Lighted Folding Step

Lighted Folding Step

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Stepping up our game for you

At Austin Hardware we believe we should be constantly looking for ways to provide a lift to our business partners. So, when our engineers began researching improvements we could deliver to our folding steps we were excited to discover and provide these innovations. 

We also believe in making it as easy as possible for our partners to adapt the new benefits of a product without having to incur costly retooling requirements. So, our new design adds enhanced functionality while maintaining the features you depend on for application assembly and end-user safety. These improvements can plug right into you current manufacturing process.

  • Identical Mounting Base/Gasket as the FS-200 CHR Folding Step
  • Similar strength and reliability to the FS-200 step which has proven successful on the market for well over a decade
  • Built-in Hand Grip
  • Logo Add-on Option (currently under development)
  • Top & Bottom LED available as add-on options
  • Slip-Resistant Design that meets NFPA specification

Compared with other steps on the market, our FS-1000-A01-CH product is a “step” above the rest!   

Folding Step Chart_1

Lighting the Way

When thinking about keeping the end user of your products safe so that they can serve others in need, we had a bright idea which led to the introduction of Austin’s Folding Step light module. Of course we worked to make it as easy as possible for you to provide this protection to your customers by insuring that not only does our light module fit on our new FS-1000-A01-CH, it also retrofits perfectly to our popular FS-200 base and step.

Here are a few more innovative features we’ve packed into our light module:

  • Removable lens allows field replacement of (39 to 42mm) style LED
  • Top & Bottom mounted LED’s meet NFPA/SAEJ575 specifications
  • The festoon LED is non-polarity sensitive and operates from a standard vehicle DC battery connection (pre-wired tinned leads)
  • LED operating voltage range is between 10vdc ~ 30vdc and can be used on either 12vdc or 24vdc battery systems
  • Mounts directly to the back of the FS-200 or the FS-1000 using existing bolt pattern
  • Lamp kit can be easily retrofitted to existing installed steps
  • Heavy edged gasket allows mounting to irregular surfaces such as Diamond Plate